Thursday, 17 March 2016

Apologies and renaming.

The blog I am writing today is intended to serve two different purposes. First, it emphasizes on my ever growing laziness and second the change of name and web address of the blog.

If someone has visited this website more than once (please ignore, these are imaginary people I am talking about) you must have already noticed, this is the worst kept and most irregularly updated blog on the web (Gosh! still 607 page views, 600 among them must have been suicide goals). Whatever, today, I would like to make a pledge (which may get broken any time) that I would update this blog at least once every fortnight.

The second announcement is about change of blog address and blog name. As some of you must have known that broad gauge rail line is already operational till my home city of Agartala. I am expecting to see an express train ferrying people directly from Agartala to Kolkata in less than a month. To make the moment memorable, I have decided to change the name and web address of this blog post as Agartala Express which I suppose would be the name of first train leaving Agartala station. So my request to the beloved reader is that if you by mistake bookmarked this page, kindly change the web address to Thank you. Please keep visiting.

Agartala Train Station built with design clues from Ujjayanta palace, the Royal residence.
Agartala train station built with design clues from Ujjayanta Palace, the royal palace of Tripura. Image Source: Internet.

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