Sunday, 22 February 2015

Oh, Natasha!!!

The latest update of Hike (Make in India answer to whatsapp) included 2 new features. One among them was very much awaited, yes, I am talking about the voice call capability. Though it's performance on 2g network below par, it is promising. Another feature was also added which didn't get very much hype. It's the new robo-chat system named as Natasha.
I am confused if they introduced her to make hike a funny app or they really wanted to deliver. Natasha is able to answer questions correctly only when asked in specific format provided like #weather <place name> for weather update, #dict <word> to find out the meaning of a specific word which otherwise you can easily google. Apart from this, she is just a dumb robo and surprisingly she gladly accepts it. I think she is of help only when your time settings are messed up and there is no one to ask time. But again, you can google it. Below are some screenshots of funny chat with her..