Hi friends! This is Dr. Saikat Bhowmik. I am a Medical Officer working under Tripura Health Services. I am currently posted at a small village called Matinagar. Being a city dweller, I never had a good chance to be close to the nature. But now, my job provides me ample opportunity to smell the earth and hear the crickets. Through this blog, I would like to share the experiences and challenges life throws at me.

Talking about my hobbies, I am an avid learner, a voracious reader. I do write short stories, mainly for children and adolescents. 2 of my creations have already been published in local Newspapers Child's special edition. I love to share my medical knowledge with society, though articles that are regularly published in the local newspaper. I believe medical education should be explained to the people in simple terms so that they can improve their life. I have started experimenting with photography for last couple of days. You can expect to see some of my captures here.

You can follow me on facebook and twitter. You can also contact me via email to dr.saikatbhowmick@gmail.com

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