Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Dipa Produnova

Yelena Produnova performed a gymnastic vault perfectly in 1999 Olympics. It is considered the most difficult vault in gymnastic history. Some people even called for a ban on this particular vault. There is a very good chance of injuring one self while performing this vault, most of the World class gymnasts just avoid this stunt.

Dipa was an exception. She performed the Produnova Vault in Rio Olympics and stole the heart of the judges, spectators and competitors alike. The gold medalist gymnast of Rio Olympics said, 'Lets rename Produnova vault to Karmakar Vault." There, an Agartalite girl performed exceptionally well and brought fame to the Nation. She could not won a medal, well that's perfectly all right!

Dipa at Agartala

Most of the Agartalites were waiting by the road just to see Dipa once. You don't get to see Olympic celebrities that often, right? It was a great day for Agartala. The happiest thing was, Dipa didn't forget her town even after performing that well in olympics. In India, it is a very common practice that athletes leave their home states in search of greater amount of money. It's good to know that Dipa is an exception.

Poor state of Sports

A lot of people are happy that India won 1 silver and one bronze medal in Olympics. Some people are frustrated with the performance of Indian Sports delegation at Rio. Well I think, the Govt can't even claim the 2 medals from athletes too. We live in a country where Govt. spends ₹0.03/person/day and expects medal (for comparison USA spends ₹22/person/day).

Lack of common sense

Here in India, the Govt is not ready to take care of the athletes when they are struggling. When they win or perform exceptionally well, they are showered with millions of Rupees. Those who are successful does need motivation, I agree. But what's the point spending millions of rupees on Sports person who are already successful, can take up endorsement from different companies and sustain their life style? This thing particularly saddens me.

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