Friday, 1 April 2016

April fool memories. :)

April fool meme.
April fool meme. Source :Internet
“Hey, Yesterdays IND vs. WI match was fixed, listen to the conversation here.” It was followed by a sound file. This was the first things my sleepy eyes saw today morning on whatsapp. This message was shared on our college whatsapp group by a friend of mine who was known to be an avid cricket follower. So no confusion downloaded the sound file hurriedly. As I tapped the play button, a vintage music started flowing; the music was followed by lyrics “April fool banaya to unko gussa aaya”. With a smile on my lips, I confirmed the fact that was evident by now, yes it was 1st April.

I was 6 years old when I first fell a victim of April fool day prank. I used to be a huge badminton fan back then. I used to play with my 2 years older sibling. Back then shuttle cock used to be a luxury for us, we used to have only one shuttle cock to play with, if its lost, we were done for that day. That day when I went to play badminton with my big bro, he welcomed me with a grin on his face, “see what I have today”. He waved a bottle like thing at me it said Vicky shuttlecock pack of ten.

I was confused what it was. He told me that it was a collection of ten shuttlecocks that from Vicky Company that used to manufacture tennis balls we all admired. I was like in heavens and started pleading him to show me the box. At first he resisted, but as I insisted, he agreed to show that to me and handed over the bottle to me. I opened the bottle with the high enthusiasm, but to my utter surprise, the bottle was empty. As I was thinking what just happened, the big bro screamed এক গোল খাওয়াইসি” (fooled you once) the term homologous to April fool!

It was the first time I fell a victim of April fool day and the trend continued and for last 20 years. It was not like only I was fooled, I fooled others too on occasions. The tricks included sudden screaming to carefully crafted prank. As I grew older, the fun too increased. At times, the pranks were played even on days that were not April 1. Today I would like to share such a prank that was shared by Rebika, a friend of mine. It’s a sure shot prank, may use it to scare your friends as hell.

Settings: Dark room, friends chatting while seated.

The story starts with a girl who just shifted to a hostel. She was accommodated in a single room where a girl names Ankita hanged her. The girl joined the school midterm and was unable to cope up with the studies. Teachers asked her to collect the notes from her batch mates, but none provided her the same. The teacher used to scold her every day for not bringing the notes.

One day just before class exams she was crying silently in her room, suddenly someone knocked at her door as she opened a girl of her age was standing there. The girl asked “I heard you need notes, here are mine, you may keep it for today, I’ll take them the day after tomorrow.” The girl was very happy; she thanked the second girl a lot and took the notes. She studied the whole night and faired really good in exams.

After the results were published the teacher called her and asked where she had the notes from. She narrated the story. Teacher told her “If you meet her again, do ask her if her name was Ankita.”

6-7 days passed after the incidence, the girl almost forgot the incidence then suddenly one night someone knocked the door again, as she opened the door she found the girl who lend her notes has come to take her notes back. The girl returns the notes to the second girl, after receiving the notes she was leaving. Suddenly the girl remembered that the teacher asked her to enquire if she was Ankita. The girl interrupts the second girl and asks, “Hey are you Ankita?”

The second girl suddenly turns back and screams “Tumhe kayse pata?” (How do you know that?)

Act the last line yourself and scream too. It’s sure to scare your friends as hell. Try the prank this April and have fun. Thank you, keep visiting.